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application/commands/DemomodeCommand.php 1
application/commands/ImportSurveyCommand.php 1
application/commands/InstallCommand.php 1
application/commands/InstallFromConfigCommand.php 4
application/commands/ResetPasswordCommand.php 1
application/commands/WipeCommand.php 1
application/config/fonts.php 1
application/config/packages.php 1
application/controllers/admin/Authentication.php 2
application/controllers/admin/ConditionsAction.php 3
application/controllers/admin/Database.php 2
application/controllers/admin/DataEntry.php 1
application/controllers/admin/Export.php 1
application/controllers/admin/Expressions.php 1
application/controllers/admin/ExpressionValidate.php 1
application/controllers/admin/Labels.php 5
application/controllers/admin/ParticipantsAction.php 10
application/controllers/admin/PluginHelper.php 2
application/controllers/admin/PluginManagerController.php 6
application/controllers/admin/PrintableSurvey.php 1
application/controllers/admin/Saved.php 1
application/controllers/admin/SurveysGroupsController.php 2
application/controllers/admin/Themes.php 14
application/controllers/admin/Tokens.php 5
application/controllers/admin/Update.php 1
application/controllers/AdminController.php 1
application/controllers/AssessmentController.php 2
application/controllers/InstallerController.php 1
application/controllers/LimereplacementfieldsController.php 1
application/controllers/PluginsController.php 2
application/controllers/QuestionAdministrationController.php 30
application/controllers/RegisterController.php 1
application/controllers/StatisticsUserController.php 1
application/controllers/survey/SurveyIndex.php 1
application/controllers/SurveyAdministrationController.php 12
application/controllers/SurveysController.php 2
application/controllers/ThemeOptionsController.php 1
application/controllers/UploaderController.php 2
application/controllers/UserGroupController.php 2
application/core/LimeMailer.php 1
application/core/LS_Twig_Extension.php 1
application/core/LsDefaultDataSets.php 1
application/core/LSETwigViewRenderer.php 7
application/core/LSUserIdentity.php 1
application/core/LSYii_Application.php 2
application/core/LSYii_ClientScript.php 1
application/core/LSYii_ImageValidator.php 1
application/core/LSYii_Validators.php 2
application/core/plugins/Authdb/Authdb.php 1
application/core/plugins/AzureOAuthSMTP/AzureOAuthSMTP.php 1
application/core/plugins/TwoFactorAdminLogin/models/TFAUserKey.php 1
application/core/QuestionTypes/LoadQuestionTypes.php 1
application/core/QuestionTypes/MultipleChoice/RenderMultipleChoice.php 1
application/core/QuestionTypes/MultipleChoiceWithComments/RenderMultipleChoiceWithComments.php 2
application/core/SurveyCommonAction.php 6
application/core/WrongTemplateVersionException.php 1
application/datavalueobjects/FormElement.php 2
application/extensions/admin/grid/MassiveActionsWidget/MassiveActionsWidget.php 1
application/extensions/admin/PreviewModalWidget/PreviewModalWidget.php 1
application/extensions/AdvancedSettingWidget/AdvancedSettingWidget.php 1
application/extensions/GeneralOptionWidget/GeneralOptionWidget.php 1
application/extensions/GeneralOptionWidget/settings/GroupSelectorGeneralOption.php 1
application/extensions/SettingsWidget/SettingsWidget.php 7
application/extensions/UserPermissionsWidget/UserPermissionsWidget.php 1
application/helpers/admin/ajax_helper.php 1
application/helpers/admin/import_helper.php 7
application/helpers/admin/label_helper.php 2
application/helpers/admin/statistics_helper.php 3
application/helpers/common_helper.php 10
application/helpers/export_helper.php 1
application/helpers/expressions/em_core_helper.php 4
application/helpers/expressions/em_manager_helper.php 42
application/helpers/expressions/emcache/em_cache_helper.php 3
application/helpers/expressions/warnings/EMWarningHTMLBaker.php 1
application/helpers/frontend_helper.php 6
application/helpers/Hash.php 1
application/helpers/LayoutHelper.php 2
application/helpers/qanda_helper.php 8
application/helpers/questionHelper.php 2
application/helpers/remotecontrol/remotecontrol_handle.php 2
application/helpers/sanitize_helper.php 2
application/helpers/SurveyRuntimeHelper.php 11
application/helpers/surveytranslator_helper.php 1
application/helpers/update/updatedb_helper.php 3
application/helpers/userstatistics_helper.php 1
application/helpers/viewHelper.php 1
application/libraries/BigData.php 1
application/libraries/ExtensionInstaller/ExtensionUpdater.php 2
application/libraries/ExtensionInstaller/FileFetcherUploadZip.php 3
application/libraries/ExtensionInstaller/PluginInstaller.php 1
application/libraries/ExtensionInstaller/QuestionThemeInstaller.php 2
application/libraries/ExtensionInstaller/ThemeUpdater.php 1
application/libraries/ExtensionInstaller/VersionFetcherServiceLocator.php 1
application/libraries/ObjectPatch/OpHandler/OpHandlerActiveRecordUpdate.php 1
application/libraries/PluginManager/PluginManager.php 4
application/libraries/PluginManager/SmtpOAuthPluginBase.php 2
application/libraries/Save.php 2
application/models/AdminTheme.php 1
application/models/Answer.php 1
application/models/Condition.php 1
application/models/ExtensionConfig.php 1
application/models/LabelSet.php 1
application/models/LSActiveRecord.php 2
application/models/Notification.php 5
application/models/Participant.php 4
application/models/ParticipantAttributeName.php 1
application/models/ParticipantShare.php 1
application/models/Permission.php 7
application/models/Permissiontemplates.php 1
application/models/Plugin.php 1
application/models/Question.php 4
application/models/QuestionAttribute.php 9
application/models/QuestionBaseRenderer.php 1
application/models/QuestionCreate.php 2
application/models/QuestionL10n.php 1
application/models/QuestionTemplate.php 3
application/models/QuestionTheme.php 12
application/models/QuestionType.php 1
application/models/Response.php 1
application/models/SavedControl.php 1
application/models/services/CreateSurvey.php 1
application/models/services/ParticipantBlacklistHandler.php 2
application/models/services/PasswordManagement.php 1
application/models/services/PermissionManager.php 2
application/models/services/QuestionAggregateService/AttributesService.php 2
application/models/services/QuestionAggregateService/L10nService.php 1
application/models/services/QuestionAttributeHelper.php 4
application/models/services/QuickTranslation.php 1
application/models/services/Quotas.php 2
application/models/services/SurveyAggregateService/GeneralSettings.php 2
application/models/services/SurveysGroupCreator.php 1
application/models/services/UserManager.php 1
application/models/Survey.php 5
application/models/SurveyActivator.php 3
application/models/SurveyDynamic.php 1
application/models/SurveyLanguageSetting.php 1
application/models/SurveyLink.php 1
application/models/SurveyTimingDynamic.php 1
application/models/Template.php 1
application/models/TemplateConfig.php 2
application/models/TemplateConfiguration.php 15
application/models/TemplateManifest.php 3
application/models/Token.php 2
application/models/TokenDynamic.php 1
application/models/UpdateForm.php 5
application/models/User.php 7
application/models/UserGroup.php 3
application/models/UserInGroup.php 1
installer/create-database.php 1


Type Line Description
TODO 32 a valid error process


Type Line Description
TODO 16 Add support to customize these.


Type Line Description
TODO 71 a valid error process


Type Line Description
TODO 126 a valid error process
TODO 195 Check if exists
TODO 199 Check if exists
TODO 203 Check if exists


Type Line Description
TODO 43 a valid error process


Type Line Description
TODO 171 a valid error process


Type Line Description
TODO 173 move this section to new fonts model once it become needed


Type Line Description
TODO 56 Delete this? See #15108.


Type Line Description
TODO 97 Should not be possible to get here after LS4. See LsDefaultDataSets::getDefaultPluginsData().
TODO 166 for sake of clarity, the plugin function should be renamed to authenticate().


Type Line Description
TODO 691 Better way than to extract $args
TODO 799 Code duplication
TODO 2268 Not used


Type Line Description
TODO 54 move called functions to their respective Controllers
TODO 47 : use model (and validate if we do it in model rules)


Type Line Description
TODO 1712 $surveytable is unused. Remove it.


Type Line Description
TODO 1083 $aSurveyInfo is not used anymore. Remove it.


Type Line Description
TODO 82 Remove it - does nothing


Type Line Description
TODO 272 : Find error in class name, style etc ....


Type Line Description
TODO 378 : check if it's currently used.
TODO 476 Move save logic into service class.
TODO 673 Not used?
TODO 691 Not used?
TODO 132 $sExtension is not used. Remove it.


Type Line Description
TODO 1789 Where is this called from?
TODO 2020 Where is this called from?
TODO 2105 Where is this called from?
TODO 2185 Where is this called from?
TODO 2280 Use user session?
TODO 2280 Used?
TODO 1905 What's the Difference between lang and langdata?
TODO 2516 This is a comma separated string of ids
TODO 2551 This code can't be reached
TODO 2620 Maybe do this with SQL instead?


Type Line Description
TODO 6 Better name?
TODO 44 Assume this for all plugins?


Type Line Description
TODO 23 Apply new permission 'extensions' instead of 'settings'.
TODO 206 Defensive programming
TODO 659 Might have different file fetcher.
TODO 675 Duplicate from themes.php.
TODO 705 Duplicate from themes.php.
TODO 320 Break out to separate method.


Type Line Description
TODO 328 Fallthru on purpose?


Type Line Description
TODO 70 write function


Type Line Description
TODO 261 : find where it shown
TODO 261 : fix $_POST call


Type Line Description
TODO 524 Used? Previous name: _strip_ext
TODO 1435 Move to service class
TODO 1435 Same logic for survey theme
TODO 291 Don't branch on $_POST, but on config.xml <type> tag.
TODO 304 Replace with extension installer factory.
TODO 320 If you want to do nice file upload summary, you need to define a
TODO 368 Always check if successful.
TODO 375 Move all this to new SurveyThemeInstaller class (same as done for QuestionThemeInstaller).
TODO 410 Always check if successful.
TODO 414 make proper import manifest for questiontheme in configuration class
TODO 424 Always check if successful.
TODO 549 check if we can load template without needing the model, only from xml, so we can load the theme editor even when it is not installed
TODO 1161 check if this aData is still used
TODO 1173 try if it can be removed


Type Line Description
TODO 349 separate this function in two: one for single delete and one for multiple delete
TODO 38 : check if it does something different than the model function
TODO 385 Why needed?
TODO 631 This part could be refactored into function like "insertToken()"
TODO 1540 Rename 'ok' to something meaningful.


Type Line Description
TODO 595 : if no update available, set session about it...


Type Line Description
TODO 246 check if it is the case for all controllers, if not normalize it, so 3rd party coder can easily extend any LS Core controller/action/view.


Type Line Description
TODO 214 Show error details to the user?
TODO 258 Show error details to the user?


Type Line Description
TODO 717 Not used? Compare models/InstallerConfigForm::getHasMinimumRequirements


Type Line Description
TODO 457 document me ..


Type Line Description
TODO 7 Not used, copied to admin/pluginmanager.php. Delete this file?
TODO 7 Actually, it's used for action direct.


Type Line Description
TODO 169 Move to service class
TODO 310 php warning (Missing return statement)
TODO 450 is this action still in use?? where in the frontend?
TODO 645 document me
TODO 711 Permission check hard when both sid and gid are given.
TODO 747 Permission
TODO 747 Should be GET, not POST
TODO 766 Permission
TODO 766 Should be GET, not POST
TODO 822 Document.
TODO 822 Too many arguments.
TODO 871 docs
TODO 1019 document me.
TODO 1019 is this used in frontend somewherer? can't find it
TODO 2324 document me
TODO 2344 document me.
TODO 2344 move this function somewhere else, this should not be part of controller ... (e.g. model)
TODO 2518 Move to PreviewModalWidget?
TODO 183 No difference between true and false?
TODO 207 'assessmentvisible' => false,
TODO 217 Problem with CSRF cookie when entering directly after login.
TODO 550 Double check
TODO 826 calcul correct value
TODO 829 Fix question type 'A'. Needed?
TODO 1041 Rename Variable for better readability.
TODO 1258 $questionMetaData should be $questionThemeSettings
TODO 1525 1591979134468: this should be get from the question model
TODO 1553 Better solution: Hard-code allowed CSS classes.
TODO 1622 Difference between create and update permissions?
TODO 1800 'assessmentvisible' => false,


Type Line Description
TODO 339 : move xss filtering in model


Type Line Description
TODO 45 Not used?


Type Line Description
TODO 273 can this be moved to the top?


Type Line Description
TODO 584 is this function used? the function editlocalsetting does not exists (also not in old controller surveyadmin)
TODO 892 this could go to the questiongroupAdministrationController ?
TODO 1145 this could go into surveymenucontroller
TODO 2241 Add TypeDoc.
TODO 2280 this should be separated in two actions import and copy ...
TODO 2522 this function should be moved to another controller (?)
TODO 2600 While refactoring (at some point) this function should be removed and only one unique identifier should be used
TODO 2624 is this new implementation???
TODO 2661 Change function name to _showOrganizeGroupsAndQuestions?
TODO 2661 Does actually not show anything, but gets data. So getReorderFormData()?
TODO 175 getGlobalSetting() DEPRECATED
TODO 178 getGlobalSetting() DEPRECATED


Type Line Description
TODO 86 Remove? It seems this can never happen because it's already caught by LSYii_Application::onException() (see commit c792c2e).
TODO 134 Remove comment code.


Type Line Description
TODO 826 While refactoring (at some point) this function should be removed and only one unique identifier should be used


Type Line Description
TODO 120 Split into two controller methods.
TODO 255 : unlink this file since this is just a preview. But we can do it only if it's not needed, and still needed to have the file content


Type Line Description
TODO 154 Is this still right on 6.0?
TODO 490 Show error message?


Type Line Description
TODO 612 Original AltBody is overwritten by msgHTML. Do we need to set it again if there was one?


Type Line Description
TODO 622 in_array_r is not defined - delete this method?


Type Line Description
TODO 1528 This tutorial is broken when subquestions and answer options are on the same page.


Type Line Description
TODO 233 missing return statement (php warning)
TODO 399 missing return statement (php warning)
TODO 663 move all the display logic to surveyRuntime so we don't need this function here
TODO 792 find a way to fix in beforeCloseHtml @see
TODO 101 Panic or default to something else?
TODO 206 Panic or default to something else?
TODO 707 Same issue as commit 2972aea41c51c74db95bfe40c337ae839471152c


Type Line Description
TODO 70 rename the plugin function authenticate()


Type Line Description
TODO 148 check the whole configuration process. It must be easier and clearer. Too many repitions
TODO 486 get the tags, filters, etc


Type Line Description
TODO 298 check if tmp directory can be named differently via config


Type Line Description
TODO 54 Why hard-coded?


Type Line Description
TODO 249 Check for other schemes? FTP? vbscript?
TODO 260 Recurse?


Type Line Description
TODO 182 Should we show the actual error? Taking a conservative approach of not revealing the actual cause for now.


Type Line Description
TODO 44 Remove this once we drop support for PHP 7.2


Type Line Description
TODO 95 should be static


Type Line Description
TODO 8 Configure autoloader in composer.json instead of this


Type Line Description
TODO 139 : check if $sValueHidden === $sValue


Type Line Description
TODO 134 : check if it should be the same than javavalue
TODO 194 : check if it should be the same than javavalue


Type Line Description
TODO 910 Make quick-menu user configurable
TODO 265 : while refactoring, we must replace the use of $aViewUrls by $aData[.. conditions ..],
TODO 294 :
TODO 412 Real fix: No database queries while doing database update, meaning
TODO 652 Don't call getAdvancedSettingsWithValues without a question object.
TODO 850 : create subfunctions


Type Line Description
TODO 9 Put in another folder?


Type Line Description
TODO 9 Is this class needed, or can it be included in widget DVOs?
TODO 9 $name is always null, always === $id.


Type Line Description
TODO 57 common view for all modal types.


Type Line Description
TODO 7 Split into two widgets?


Type Line Description
TODO 23 Classes instead of array.


Type Line Description
TODO 18 Classes instead of switch.


Type Line Description
TODO 45 array_map?


Type Line Description
TODO 326 $name is not used
TODO 408 $form is not used.
TODO 466 $name is not used
TODO 466 $form is not used
TODO 569 $name is not used
TODO 517 Where is this class added in the first place??
TODO 580 $itemMetaData['htmlOtions']['id']=$itemName.$key or something like this


Type Line Description
TODO 11 Classes instead of switch.


Type Line Description
TODO 161 Check if user is logged in


Type Line Description
TODO 1292 Use transactions to prevent orphaned data and clean rollback on errors
TODO 121 Should this depend on $bTranslateLinksFields?
TODO 362 Should this depend on $bTranslateLinksFields?
TODO 664 Should this depend on $options['translinkfields']?
TODO 856 Should this depend on $options['translinkfields']?
TODO 1632 Should this depend on $bTranslateLinksFields?
TODO 3009 set proper default


Type Line Description
FIXME 74 undefined function
TODO 179 Show an actual error message


Type Line Description
TODO 1683 Support three or more duplicates.
FIXME 2037 $MyCache is undefined
TODO 2548 Support three or more duplicates.


Type Line Description
TODO 834 Move to defaulttexts helper
TODO 2794 This should probably never be used, since it returns 0 from CLI and makes PHPUnit think all is fine :(
TODO 3006 Make the days configurable
FIXME 596 rename and/or document this
TODO 1690 SQrelevance for different scales? $fieldmap[$fieldname]['SQrelevance']=$abrow['relevance'];
TODO 2342 input Survey Object
TODO 2362 input Survey Object
TODO 2980 : Adding the onload/onhover etc ... or remove this false security function
TODO 4356 remove one of the Yii::app()->session see bug #5901
TODO 4589 RFC7239 full implementation (


Type Line Description
TODO 2605 refactor and simplify this code


Type Line Description
TODO 2630 Unify errors and warnings with a EMErrorComparableInterface
TODO 100 - change this back to false
TODO 565 try to determine datatype?
TODO 1972 - Since want to use <span> for dynamic substitution, what if there are recursive substititons?


Type Line Description
TODO 3274 Keep method as-is but factor out content to new class; add unit tests for class
TODO 6876 : add directly hidden input in page without return it.
TODO 9688 : validate if it work : unsure it was shown always to user (nojs ?)
TODO 29 Fix autoloading of warnings.
TODO 267 - add example from survey using assessments
TODO 356 ??
TODO 406 - ??
TODO 410 ??
TODO 1262 - implement qcode naming for this
TODO 1458 generic validation as to dateformat[SGQA].value : BUT not same in PHP and JS
TODO 2640 - create equations for these?
TODO 2643 ? How does it work?
TODO 3047 - create em_num_files class so can sepately style num_files vs. num_answers
TODO 3285 - do I need to force refresh, or trust that createFieldMap will cache langauges properly?
TODO 3608 Internal error if this happens
TODO 4093 - in a running survey, only need to process the current Group. For Admin mode, do we need to process all prior questions or not?
TODO 4228 - cache results and generated JavaScript equations?
TODO 4575 default should eventually be false
TODO 4751 only important thing from StartProcessingGroup?
TODO 4965 only important thing from StartProcessingGroup?
TODO 5015 - now that using $this->updatedValues, may be able to remove local copies of it (unless needed by other sub-systems)
TODO 5102 Internal error if this happens
TODO 5483 only important thing from StartProcessingGroup?
TODO 5627 - what is desired behavior?
TODO 5765 how used if random?
TODO 5820 is this needed?
TODO 5930 is this needed?
TODO 5966 is this needed?
TODO 6010 is this needed?
TODO 6045 is this needed?
TODO 6075 - check this
TODO 6080 - why is array_unique needed here?
TODO 6168 - what about 'other'?
TODO 6212 - what about 'other'?
TODO 6237 - what about 'other'?
TODO 6426 check for errors?
TODO 6431 - currently invalidates all - should only invalidate those that truly fail validation rules.
TODO 6786 - what if this is called using Survey or Data Entry format?
TODO 7291 Internal error if this happens
TODO 7650 - is different type needed for text? Or process value to striphtml?
TODO 8458 Make a wrapper class around date converter, which constructor takes to-lang and from-lang
TODO 8714 jsName_on will never be returned?


Type Line Description
TODO 118 Setting per survey.
TODO 118 Don't cache questions with expressions.
TODO 154 check ajaxmode


Type Line Description
TODO 55 Factor out in warning classes OOP


Type Line Description
TODO 1440 Rename
TODO 1440 Move HTML to view
TODO 2114 Deprecated - Question timers no longer use cookies
TODO 18 Why needed?
TODO 1039 rewrite this THE YII WAY !!!! (application/vendor + internal config for namespace + aliases; etc)
TODO 2235 something unfinished here?


Type Line Description
FIXME 106 !!!


Type Line Description
TODO 402 Make quick-menu user configurable
TODO 344 : create subfunctions


Type Line Description
TODO 113 This can be cached in some special cases.
TODO 909 : move to a dedicated function
TODO 1489 : check if $sValueHidden === $sValue
TODO 1648 : check if it should be the same than javavalue
TODO 1681 $value is not defined for some execution paths.
TODO 1693 : check if it should be the same than javavalue
TODO 1778 Regression here? Should use LEMval(minfiles) like above
TODO 4396 What is this? What is happening here?


Type Line Description
TODO 1199 add these later? "1F",
TODO 1209 add these later? "1F",


Type Line Description
TODO 3223 Need to clean up return array, especially the case when response was added but file not uploaded.
TODO 3223 See discussion:


Type Line Description
TODO 311 define the exact format of the username
TODO 324 define the exact format of the username


Type Line Description
TODO 1391 : find/get current qid for processing string
TODO 1469 : move to coreReplacements ? Can be good.
TODO 166 To respect object oriented design, all those "states" should be move to Response model, or its related models via relations.
TODO 214 move somewhere else
TODO 280 - retrieveAnswers is slow - queries database separately for each question. May be fixed in _CI or _YII ports, so ignore for now
TODO 744 set this to true if in admin mode but not if running a survey
TODO 863 twig
TODO 1219 check that line:
TODO 1572 find where they are defined before this call
TODO 1641 check with markus why $loadall, it's never ever defined, even in master branch
TODO 1743 check this:


Type Line Description
TODO 1270 Should not give back different data types


Type Line Description
TODO 3280 Move to class?
TODO 999 Inject user model instead. Polling for user will create a session, which breaks on command-line.
TODO 1535 Don't use models in updatedb_helper.


Type Line Description
TODO 1811 Support three or more duplicates.


Type Line Description
TODO 255 : filter inline javascript (onclick etc ..., but don't filter EM javascript) Maybe doing it directly in LEM->GetLastPrettyPrintExpression();


Type Line Description
TODO 233 No other types supported, ever?


Type Line Description
TODO 192 Move to parent class?
TODO 31 Create interface ExtensionModelInterface that all extension model classes implement


Type Line Description
TODO 189 Duplicate from themes.php.
TODO 266 Inject FileIO wrapper and add unit-test
TODO 292 When should this return false?


Type Line Description


Type Line Description
TODO 18 Move to parent class?
TODO 114


Type Line Description
TODO 22 Survey theme, question theme, admin theme...?


Type Line Description
TODO 49 Not implemented.


Type Line Description
TODO 78 Implement validateOperation() method.


Type Line Description
TODO 285 Factor out
TODO 361 Read config.xml instead.
TODO 596 Localization.
TODO 623 Localization.


Type Line Description
TODO 111 Handle token with invalid scope (ie. missing
TODO 130 Should we use a different exception class?


Type Line Description
TODO 173 $this->aSaveErrors
TODO 200 $this->aSaveErrors


Type Line Description
TODO 96 replace everywhere the call to Yii::app()->getConfig('adminstyleurl) by $oAdminTheme->sTemplateUrl;


Type Line Description
TODO 115 get via Question relations


Type Line Description
TODO 74 should be singular, not plural


Type Line Description
TODO 38 Get detailed error message.


Type Line Description
TODO 297 create a Validator to be used for all such element : no need HTML, informative input used only for admin purpose.


Type Line Description
TODO 200 This should also be moved to the behavior at some point. This method overrides the parent in order to raise PluginEvents for Bulk delete operations. Filter Criteria are wrapped into a CDBCriteria instance so we have a single instance responsible for holding the filter criteria to be passed to the PluginEvent, this also enables us to pass the fully configured CDBCriteria instead of the original Parameters. See {@link find()} for detailed explanation about $condition and $params.
TODO 474 Use OOP polymorphism instead of switching on class names.


Type Line Description
TODO 272 : via survey relations
TODO 285 this should be in Survey model (relations?)
TODO 301 this should be in Survey model
TODO 317 Check first_read = null instead?
TODO 361 read = null?


Type Line Description
TODO 1564 Always string??
TODO 1745 Weird...
TODO 1787 What is id here? Could it overwrite something?
TODO 1798 Why use two variables for this?


Type Line Description
TODO 766 Doc


Type Line Description
TODO 29 should be singular


Type Line Description
TODO 779 move to private function
TODO 830 Use data value object instead of array.
TODO 525 in entry script, if CConsoleApplication, set user as superadmin
TODO 532 plugin should not be able to override the permission system (security issue),
TODO 550 see above about entry script and superadmin
TODO 556 should not be necessary
TODO 614 that should be the only way to get the permission,


Type Line Description
TODO 238 should be static


Type Line Description
TODO 76 Works on all SQL systems?


Type Line Description
TODO 493 Duplication from delete()
TODO 1241 : move other fix here ?
TODO 633 move to QuestionType
TODO 1671 Assuming no collision.


Type Line Description
TODO 34 Should probably change question_attributes table to question_attribute_values
TODO 66 Remove?
TODO 104 A function should not both set and get something; split into two functions
TODO 136 A function should not both set and get something; split into two functions
TODO 172 Missign noun in function name - set multiple what?
TODO 375 Move to static property?
TODO 536 What's the opposite of a "general" attribute? How many types of attributes are there?
TODO 185 use an array like for a form submit, so we can parse it from the controller instead of using $_POST directly here
TODO 190 if (in_array($oQuestion->attributes, $sAttribute))


Type Line Description
TODO 240 When to use? Where defined?


Type Line Description
TODO 11 This is a factory method, not a singleton. Rename to make() or create().
TODO 79 check why return both empty array and null?


Type Line Description
FIXME 55 this conflicts with the attribute "question"


Type Line Description
TODO 387 Move to QuestionTheme?
TODO 387 This is not the same as QuestionTheme::findQuestionMetaDataForAllTypes() which is the database layer
TODO 387 this should check the filestructure instead of the database as this is the filestructure layer


Type Line Description
TODO 258 Please never redirect at this level, only from controllers.
TODO 340 Move to service class
TODO 373 Replace assoc array with DTO
TODO 505 move actions to its controller and split between controller and model, related search for: 1573123789741
TODO 505 Move to QuestionThemeInstaller
TODO 728 Naming is wrong, it does not "get", it "convertTo"
TODO 728 Possibly make a DTO for question metadata instead, and implement the ArrayAccess interface or "toArray()"
TODO 317 replace by manifest
TODO 519 Now that core question themes can't be deleted, the following check
TODO 669 should be moved into DB column (question_theme_settings table)
TODO 811 Make it always relative depending on question theme type (core, custom, user).
TODO 815 Check json_last_error.


Type Line Description
TODO 77 make it boolean instead */


Type Line Description
TODO 219 Internal error - wrong filename saved?


Type Line Description
TODO 126 this is a unfinished functionality resendAccesscode


Type Line Description
TODO 78 Localization?


Type Line Description
TODO 62 Remove 'OptOut' status from all surveys if 'blacklistallsurveys' setting is true?
TODO 79 Should we also try to match by email?


Type Line Description
TODO 198 it's fine to use static functions, until it is used only in controllers ...


Type Line Description
TODO 117 : Save Permission by POST value according to current user permssion
TODO 270 Static methods cannot be mocked.


Type Line Description
TODO 60 document me Based on QuestionAdministrationController::unparseAndSetAdvancedOptions()
TODO 99 document me


Type Line Description
TODO 44 document me


Type Line Description
TODO 55 Pure function - move outside class?
TODO 101 Pure function - move outside class?
TODO 139 Pure function - move outside class?
TODO 230 No state used, so no OOP needed, move to function at some point.


Type Line Description
TODO 20 All the swithc-statements could be remade using OOP instead.


Type Line Description
TODO 9 Possible remove this warning
TODO 94 Refactor and remove phpmd warning


Type Line Description
TODO 572 Should really be saved as three fields in the database!
TODO 572 Copied from Survey:::saveTranscribeCaptchaOptions() replace uses of original copy


Type Line Description
TODO 57 What happen if SurveysGroups saved but no SurveysGroupsettings? Transaction?


Type Line Description
TODO 116 User permissions should be deleted also...


Type Line Description
TODO 916 this function can go directly into Surveymenu, why implemted it here? ($this is used here ...) This will be made bigger in future releases, but right now it only collects the default menu-entries
TODO 1692 : move to PermissionInterface
TODO 1692 : create an event
TODO 1770 Should really be saved as three fields in the database!
TODO 2183 use it in surveyspermission


Type Line Description
TODO 7 Move to models/services/survey/ folder.
FIXME 394 @ not good
FIXME 398 @ not good


Type Line Description
TODO 701 This provide a first step to enable the old jQgrid selector system, and could be use for users and tokens


Type Line Description
TODO 272 : rename and fix this


Type Line Description
TODO 154 this should be in survey model


Type Line Description
TODO 168 $language is not used locally


Type Line Description
TODO 567 this probably not use any more. Check and remove it.


Type Line Description
TODO 278 document me
TODO 849 document me


Type Line Description
TODO 106 document me
TODO 115 document me
TODO 139 document me
TODO 157 document me
TODO 584 document me
TODO 663 document me
TODO 911 document me
TODO 956 document me
TODO 1003 document me
TODO 1232 document me
TODO 1386 document me
TODO 1487 document me
TODO 1606 document me
TODO 231 Move to SurveyGroup creation, right now the 'lazy loading' approach is ok.
TODO 1009 It's not clear which class prepareTemplateRendering() returns or should return.


Type Line Description
TODO 646 load to DB
TODO 657 Installs Theme (maybe rename importManifest to install ?)
TODO 1069 create a method "setToDefault"


Type Line Description
TODO 53 Describe me!
TODO 324 Use HTML Purifier?


Type Line Description
TODO 35 Describe me!


Type Line Description
TODO 242 $downloadid not used locally
TODO 319 Deal with error here
TODO 497 : add postgresql
TODO 933 : Could test if curl is loaded, and if not, use httprequest2


Type Line Description
TODO 246 Not used?
TODO 354 document me
TODO 441 document me
TODO 501 document me
TODO 515 should be static
TODO 821 When there will be a more robust Group permissions system,
TODO 860 should be static


Type Line Description
TODO 137 should use save() and afterSave() methods!!
TODO 338 where is this used??
TODO 95 seems to be unused, probably shouldn't be done like that


Type Line Description
TODO 61 should be singular


Type Line Description
TODO 888 varchar(200) is too big for MySQL index, the index will be truncated to 191 chars.

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