Classes, interfaces and traits


Class BlacklistResult

This class represents the result of a blacklist operation

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Class CopyQuestionTextValues

This class represents the texts values to use when copying a question

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Class CopyQuestionValues

This class owns the values to copy a question

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Wrapper class for question general option.

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Class SimpleSurveyValues

This class owns the basic values to create a survey -- the base language -- the survey title -- if createExamples (questions and groups) should be created at the beginning -- the survey group id the survey should belong to (or/and inherit values from)

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Class ThemeFileCategory

This class represents a theme file category (eg. Global files, Theme files, Survey files)

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Class ThemeFileInfo

This class represents a theme file. It includes the real path, the virtual path, and the category.

Virtual paths are a special notation for relative paths, including a prefix to give context. Eg.: the path "image::theme::files/logo.png" is relative to the theme folder, while "image::generalfiles::" is relative to the general files folder. If $path is not valid, returns null. Paths can be

  • related to a global theme option and hence the file be located on the generalfiles directory.
  • related to a survey theme option and hence the file be located relative to a survey upload directory.
  • related to a theme and hence the file be located on the theme directory (eg. when uploaded from theme editor)
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