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This extension is needed to add complex functions to twig, needing specific process (like accessing config datas).

Most of the calls to internal functions don't need to be set here, but can be directly added to the internal config file. For example, the calls to encode, gT and eT don't need any extra parameters or process, so they are added as filters in the congif/internal.php:

'filters' => array( 'jencode' => 'CJSON::encode', 't' => 'eT', 'gT' => 'gT', ),

So you only add functions here when they need a specific process while called via Twig. To add an advanced function to twig:

  1. Add it here as a static public function eg: static public function foo($bar) { return procces($bar); }

  2. Add it in config/internal.php as a function, and as an allowed function in the sandbox eg: twigRenderer' => array( ... 'functions' => array( ... 'foo' => 'LS_Twig_Extension::foo', ...), ... 'sandboxConfig' => array( ... 'functions' => array('include', ..., 'foo') ),

Now you access this function in any twig file via: {{ foo($bar) }}, it will show the result of process($bar). If LS_Twig_Extension::foo() returns some HTML, by default the HTML will be escaped and shows as text. To get the pure HTML, just do: {{ foo($bar) | raw }}

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