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PositionWidget extends CWidget
in package

This widget display a position selection for a question inside a group. It's used for now in "add new question".

It has two modes :

  • static mode (display = form_group) : just render a select with "At end", "At Bengining", "After question..." for each question of the group this mode imply that the group can't be change in the same view that the widget

  • ajax mode (display = ajax_form_group): In ajax mode, the widget will first render an hidden input where is called. This hidden input contains the necessary datas to generate a static position selector. Then it will register some js, that will insert after this hidden input a static position selector based on the datas of the hidden input. If the question group selector change, it will update the datas of the hidden input, and regenerate a new position selector

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$classes  : mixed
$dataGroupSelectorId  : mixed
$display  : mixed
$oQuestionGroup  : mixed
$oSurvey  : mixed
$reloadAction  : mixed


run()  : mixed
isView()  : mixed



public mixed $reloadAction = 'questionAdministration/ajaxLoadPositionWidget'



private isView(mixed $display) : mixed
$display : mixed

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