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HelloWorld_Twig_Extension extends Twig_Extension
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This is an example to show you how to add custom twig extensions To add an advanced function to twig:

  1. Add it as a static public function eg: static public function foo($bar) { return procces($bar); }

  2. Add it in helloworld.xml so it will be added to the sandbox

  3. Now you access this function in any twig file via: {{ foo($bar) }}, it will show the result of process($bar). If foo() returns some HTML, by default the HTML will be escaped and shows as text. To get the pure HTML, just do: {{ foo($bar) | raw }}

NOTE 1: To see much more complex examples of LS Twig functions you can have a look to: application/core/LS_Twig_Extension.php NOTE 2: A twig extension is PHP code, so it can do anything on the server. So user should trust you to upload your twig extension. So if your goal is to sell your Survey / Question Theme on LimeStore, you'd rather use twig code as much as you can. NOTE 3: Remember you can ask us to add functions in LS_Twig_Extension by PR on our Git Repo.

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helloWorld()  : mixed
Return the string "Hello World"


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